an expository essay about music

An expository essay about music

Often, when a person settles down and listens to his/her favorite music, there follows a temporary feeling in which the world’s hassles are forgotten.

Moreover, it can be used to set the mood, such as in a movie scene.


It can promote a sense of mystery or foreboding, as well as nostalgia or enchantment.

It is composed of a number of elements such as rhythm, words, notes, tones, and rmore, music can be classified into a number of genres, time periods, and geographic genre is named according to the music type of which it is comprised.

It is important point to note that many music genres have geographic others, popularity stems from the rich history associated with the music’s rly, there are certain music genres that have a huge cult following, while others’ roots can be traced back through many most popular music genres include contemporary, like rock, blues, classical music, country music, easy listening music, electronic music, and hip-hop/rap.

The list is endless, and each of these genres is composed of numerous other sub-genres.

The classical genre, whose popularity has stretched into the modern generation, includes music such as avant-garde, baroque, choral, chant, and opera knowledge of music genres is vital for people desiring to be employed in the music industry.

Many music career paths demand that one should be able to identify each type of music and its characteristics.

For instance, music managers need this knowledge to sufficiently convince people that an artist’s music is worth listening se, booking agents should be able to discuss the kind of music to be performed whenever they attempt to book engagements for music bands.

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Furthermore, knowledge of music genres helps one to understand different audiences, such as their traits or characteristics, what they enjoy, and why they enjoy it.

For instance, it is possible to predict the cultural pattern of a given audience from the genre of music that is prevalent in that community.

Musicians and other players in the music sector must, therefore, should study the kind of audience for they wish to perform so that they know what that audience is likely to general, there are several points that one should keep in mind when writing an expository essay on music genres.

This essay, however, presents one valuable tip, which is to keep in mind that different people enjoy different kinds of music.

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Since it is impossible to determine what music the reader appreciates, it is advisable to write the essay based on your favorite music genre.

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Turn up the music”, says jill as she begins to bop her head to the catchy tune. The bass rattles the suburban as jill and her sister “jam out” on the way to school. They feel the music and begin to sing their hearts out and dance like nobody’s watching, while the grumpy old man in the black fiat next to them scowls, but jill and her sister don’t care, they are having fun.

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In this situation music gave jill and her sister a way to connect and hang out.

Music has affected society in many ways including giving people something to enjoy and a way to express creates enjoyment for many people all over the world.

For example, a member of the band is able to enjoy himself/herself by using music. Music gives us a way to enjoy ourselves when we listen to our favorite song.

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