an informative essay on christmas

An informative essay on christmas

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Traditions from around the mas is coming, and most children are probably waiting for santa to come to their homes and deliver gifts for them. It would not be an exaggeration to say christmas has long ago lost its religious meaning for the majority of participants in this holiday and has turned into some kind of family celebration with presents and dinner.

However, this is true mostly for the united states (and perhaps great britain), but what about other countries?

Although not all the world is christian (and christmas is a christian holiday), many nations celebrate it annually, each in a different gh christmas was originally a christian holiday, it has spread all over the world, and has become a popular and a favorite holiday in many countries.

According to christian ideals, christmas brings peace and unity in the homes of people across the world, and regardless of how people decorate their homes or what they do on this occasion, the holiday still remains one of the main annual events for many families across the globe.

Descriptive essay on christmas day

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Showing recent or use up and down arrow keys to select an you know christmas wasn't always celebrated on december 25th?

Get the whole story behind the mas as we know it today is avictorian invention of the 1860s.

Probably the most celebrated holiday in the world, our modern christmas is a product of hundreds of years of both secular and religious traditions from around the globe.

Discover the origins of christmas traditions from around the world, like the yule log, caroling and how christmas is celebrated “down under.

Small essay on christmas festival

Lucia day began in sweden, but had spread to denmark and finland by the mid-19th you know?

Poinsett, an american minister to mexico, who brought the red-and-green plant from mexico to america in these countries, the holiday is considered the beginning of the christmas season and, as such, is sometimes referred to as “little yule.

Traditionally, the oldest daughter in each family rises early and wakes each of her family members, dressed in a long, white gown with a red sash, and wearing a crown made of twigs with nine lighted candles.

In finland today, one girl is chosen to serve as the national lucia and she is honored in a parade in which she is surrounded by is a main theme of st.

Lucia day, as her name, which is derived from the latin word lux, means light.

According to one common legend, lucia lost her eyes while being tortured by a diocletian for her christian beliefs.

Others say she may have plucked her own eyes out to protest the poor treatment of christians.

Compare and contrast christmas essay

The ancient norse used the yule log in their celebration of the return of the sun at winter solstice.

The norse believed that the sun was a great wheel of fire that rolled towards and then away from the earth.

Ever wonder why the family fireplace is such a central part of the typical christmas scene?

It is probably also responsible for the popularity of log-shaped cheese, cakes, and desserts during the ting evergreen trees had always been a part of the german winter solstice tradition.

My christmas vacation short essay

The first “christmas trees” explicitly decorated and named after the christian holiday, appeared in strasbourg, in alsace in the beginning of the 17th century.

After 1750, christmas trees began showing up in other parts of germany, and even more so after 1771, when johann wolfgang von goethe visited strasbourg and promptly included a christmas tree is his novel, the suffering of young werther.

After germany’s prince albert married queen victoria, he introduced the christmas tree tradition to england.

In 1848, the first american newspaper carried a picture of a christmas tree and the custom spread to nearly every home in just a few “real” deal with fake christmas trees — from * 1828, the american minister to mexico, joel r.

As its coloring seemed perfect for the new holiday, the plants, which were called poinsettias after poinsett, began appearing in greenhouses as early as 1830.

Essay about christmas party

By 1900, they were a universal symbol of the mexico, paper mache sculptures called pinatas are filled with candy and coins and hung from the ceiling.

Children race to gather as much of of the loot as they englishman named john calcott horsley helped to popularize the tradition of sending christmas greeting cards when he began producing small cards featuring festive scenes and a pre-written holiday greeting in the late 1830s. Newly efficient post offices in england and the united states made the cards nearly overnight sensations. Pease, the first american card maker, in albany, new york, and louis prang, a german who immigrated to america in and teutonic peoples had long considered mistletoe to have magic powers. Celts hung mistletoe in their homes in order to bring themselves good luck and ward off evil spirits. During holidays in the victorian era, the english would hang sprigs of mistletoe from ceilings and in doorways. If someone was found standing under the mistletoe, they would be kissed by someone else in the room, behavior not usually demonstrated in victorian pudding is an english dish dating back to the middle ages.

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