buy a rogerian essay

Buy a rogerian essay

Purpose of a rogerian argument is to find a middle ground for both the writer and reader. The assumption for a rogerian argument is that the reader and writer can reach common ground regarding a problem and identify a solution to the the introduction, the writer presents the problem and points out how it affects both the writer and reader. A good thesis in a rogerian essay should not seem to attack the reader or any person with an opposing view.

In summary, the introduction should present a problem and show that the writer understands the opponent’s next step in a rogerian essay is to state the context in which the view of the opponent (reader) is valid.


Acknowledging the context and circumstances in which the opponent’s position is valid is a vital element of writing a rogerian next section of the rogerian essay contains the writer’s position on the problem.

The description of the context and circumstances in which the writer’s position is valid is crucial element of this writer should close the rogerian essay by demonstrating the benefits the reader (opponent) would incur by moving towards the writer’s position.


Because of this shift in audience attitude, writers need to develop compelling ways of organizing and presenting   you wish to address an emotional and controversial issue and when  your audience is likely to be threatened by  your ideas, you will probably not be successful if you make your claim in the introduction of your essay (or verbal argument).

Instead of assuming that an author or speaker shoudl hope to overcome an antagonistic audience with shrewd reasoning, the rogerian approach would have the author or speaker attempt to reach some common ground with the audience. Thus, in a very real way, rogerian "persuasion" is not a form of persuasion so much as it is a way of opening communication for negotiating common ground between divergent points of view.

In terms of writing, we coud say that the rogerian approach melds the techniques of informative analyses with those of persuasive reports.

Your goal when you employ the tactics of rogerian problem-solving is not for you to win and for your opponent to lose, a scenario that more often results in both parties losing.

The discussions that follow are meant to help  you understand the reason for and the components of an argument in rogerian style.

Is important to note, though, that this sort of rogerian understanding is also itself an argumentative tactic.


First, people will almost always refuse to consider something if they feel threatened by it, and rogerian understanding reduces the threat to the opposition.

Pike's introduction of rogerian psychology in their book rhetoric: discovery and change seeks to simplify some of rogers's terminology and begin to present the process as a set of rhetorical objectives: "the writer who uses the rogerian strategy attempts to do three things:To convey to the reader that he is delineate the area within which he believes the reader's position to be induce him to believe that he and the writer share certain moral qualities (275). Like this, in such a simple and reductive way, the process of attaining and expressing rogerian understanding seems almost is important to note that these are not developmental steps intended as heuristics, that indeed there are no sequential stages to a rogerian argument.


As young, becker, and pike write, "rogerian argument has no conventional structure; in fact, users of the strategy deliberately avoid conventional persuasive structures and techniques because these devices tend to produce a sense of threat.

The danger of argumentative form becoming an exclusionary force, silencing rather than evoking discussion, is therefore greatly this point, then, you may be wondering what rogerian argument might actually look like in terms of an essay for a composition class.

An essay modeled on rogers's approach should include a few particular parts:A discussion of the problem from both points of view that uses value-neutral language.

Because you need to adopt a nonthreatening persona throughout your essay, however, avoid dogmatically presenting your view as the best or only way to solve the problem.

You might want to mention the various approaches that people have taken to solve the problemandf perhaps even suggest that the issue is so complicated that the best you and your readers can hope for is consensus - or agreement on some aspect of the your introduction and throughout your essay, you will want to explain the problem in ways that will make your audience say, "yes, this author understands my position. Otherwise, your readers may reject your ideas because they recognize that you have misrepresented than masking your thoughts behind an "objective persona," the rogerian approach allows you to express your true feelings.

However, if you are to meet the ideals of rogerian communication, you need to challenge your own beliefs; you must be so open-minded that you truly entertain the possibility that your ideas are wrong, or at least not absolutely right.


After viewing the problem from your roommate's perspective, you might even be willing to explore how your problem with compulsive neatness is itself a instances when your assertions are you have identified the problem in as nonthreatening a way as possible, established a fair-minded persona, and called for some level of consensus based on a "higher" interest, you have reached the most important stage in rogerian negotiation: you can now present your position.

Remember the spirit of rogerian problem solving: your ultimate goal is not to beat your audience, but to communicate with them and to promote a workable compromise.

To embrace the rogerian approach, remember that you need to defuse your temper and set your pride and ego t your claim in a nonthreatening edly, it is difficult to substantiate an argument while acknowledging the value of competing positions.

Yet if you have done an effective job in the early part of your essay, then your audience perceives you to be a reasonable person - someone worth listening to.

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