college essay assignment

College essay assignment

Most efficient way to dramatically improve your essay uction, main body, conclusion: why are essays written this way?

Follow along as i write a real college essay from start to g a real college essay: part 1 - the g a real college essay: part 2 - g a real college essay: part 3 - g a real college essay: part 4 - g a real college essay: part 5 - ical style, prophetic style, and romantic cal style, reflexive style and academic c style: prose as a window into the c style as an antidote to bad academic g a real college essay: part 1 - the the next few videos i’m going to walk you through the process of writing a real college essay, and when i say “real” i mean that it’s an actual essay assignment from an actual college course that it is not taught by me and is not one of my classes.

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In fact, it’s for a communications class within a canadian community college program for graphic arts students.

Have the actual text of the assignment, as well as an email exchange between the instructor and a student regarding the assignment this video i’m going to show you the assignment and this exchange, because it highlights all of the essay principles that we’ve been talking subsequent videos i’ll take over and walk you through the process of researching, outlining and writing a complete draft of this have our scrivener document open with our essay writing template all set up.

I’ve got a text document called "the assignment" which has a number of sub-documents.

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I’m using this to organize all the information we have about the assignment and any communications we might have about the ’s the opening paragraph, under “rationale”: “in your academic and professional career, sound research and analytical skills we be required regardless of your program of study or employment situation.

This is just trying to explain why essay writing skills might be relevant to students pursuing a career in graphic design, illustration or a 4-5 page research essay exploring a topic related to the field of animation/illustration or design studies.

You must have your topic approved before you goal is to provide your reader with both a general overview and your own informed assessment of the topic/, first off, we know how long our essay is supposed to be.

So in terms of length, this is similar to the dream essay that i walked you through in the previous , we know that we’re being asked to write an argumentative or persuasive essay, even though the assignment doesn’t use this wording explicitly.

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The essay has to be on an issue on which there is some disagreement, and for which reasons can be offered for or against a particular stance on the issue.

And what you’re required to do is present and defend a particular stance on the issue — that’s going to be your thesis , we know that we’re going to need to do some research and cite some sources in the essay, since it’s called a “research essay”, and under basic requirements we’re told that we need a minimum of four “significant sources”, and we’re going have to include copies of these resources in the final reference to the gas style guide is the term this institution uses for “general arts style guide”. But this assignment is for a communications class, where part of the goal of the class is to help teach students how to approach assignments like this.

So the assignment includes a lot of what educators like call “scaffolding” — lots of guidance on intermediate steps that are required to complete the you were in this class you would be spending a good deal of class time working on the essay.

And this instructor has added a some intermediate deadlines that break down the writing 1 involves researching, identifying sources and writing a detailed outline, and this needs to be submitted three weeks in advance of part 2, which is the final essay due let’s look at what the instructor has included under “suggested topics”.

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And a bunch of ideas are listed below, but first notice this line …once you have selected a broad subject of interest to you, you should begin the process of narrowing the focus to determine your essay topic.

Students need to realize that learning is a lifelong process and the skills they acquire can be applied to things not immediately evident in traditional university , i said that submitting this kind of thing for review is often a good idea, and here’s why: if there’s a structural problem with your vision of the essay at this beginning stage, it’s much better to catch it now, at the outset, than to discover it farther down the line after you’ve invested a lot time on an essay that is structurally the student submits this to the instructor.

And by “arguable” the instructor means that there’s room for disagreement about the , the feedback that the instructor is giving this student is that in this proposal they haven’t identified an issue that anyone would disagree with, and that this is problem, because an essential feature of a persuasive essay is that you need to identify an issue about which reasonable people might disagree, so that there’s a reason for offering arguments in favor of one side or the instructor gives one more piece of feedback:… it's not clear what you mean by "skills they acquire can be applied to things not immediately evident in traditional university offerings.

It’s feedback about what’s required for any good argumentative or persuasive essay; that minimally, you need to have something to argue about, something to take sides ’s obvious when you put it this way, but this example just illustrates that for many students it’s not obvious — not unless they’ve done some argumentative writing in the past and are familiar with the conventions of this form of essay the next video i’m going to show you the essay topic was revised and the results of some preliminary i am with you, we stay up all night.

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M going to sleep so early i hope i have dreams :) maybe one that gives me ideas for my essay :-).

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