college essay plagiarism

College essay plagiarism

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Take a moment to read our updated tos, privacy policy, and forum discussionhow will admission officials respond to essay plagiarism?

Admissions expert posts: 3,648 senior september 2010 in ask the dean on: what are the consequences of plagiarizing a college admissions essay and getting caught?

I was just wondering what would happen if a college admission officer notices that two essays that he has read are very similar, even exactly the same.


Edited by sally_rubenstone on september 20100 · reply · share on s to: how will admission officials respond to essay plagiarism? May be similar to a certain extent but if they are ditto similar then it is a bit of a problem and may hurt the both the applicants' uber-selective schools they really look at the the essays we submit our essays online by using the common app, are the essays checked and filtered by 'plagiarism checkers' at each university, especially the selective ones?


Just a bit curious how the system admissions expert posts: 3,648 senior es, highly selective or otherwise, do not routinely check application essays for plagiarism ...

According to a june article in inside higher ed, penn state university's mba admission officials have already engaged an outside firm to scan application essays for authenticity.

See news: finding applicants who plagiarize - inside higher tly, however, the process of plagiarism checks is largely sporadic and unofficial.

When astute admission officers suspect that an application essay resembles an excerpt from the thoreau reader, they may follow up on their hunch.

A more typical form of essay dishonesty comes from applicants who do submit "original" essays, but these essays have been so heavily edited by parents, family friends, private consultants, sometimes even teachers, that the candidate's voice is almost ion officials do keep their antennae up and may flag an essay that doesn't seem to mesh with the applicant's grades, test scores, teacher comments, or sat/act writing , of course, no plagiarism software can check for this sort of daughter is an amazing writer and contributes to teenink and other literary online resources all the time.


Don't you think it is not fair while one kid does all the hard work and the other just steals and gets into their choice of college.

There should be some way the college admissions to find out plagiarism in the college admission admissions expert posts: 3,648 senior 't you think it is not fair while one kid does all the hard work and the other just steals and gets into their choice of about the admission process isn't fair (doesn't make it right, but it's the world we live in right now).

But there's no future in her putting her actual college essays online in a public place, at least until her college process is behind r, she should feel free to send in some extra writing samples as part of her application materials unless the college specifically forbids such submissions, and few college check with past essays that have been submitted for plagiarism?

Admissions expert posts: 3,648 senior e use of plagiarism software to check essays is more common at the graduate level (especially by mba programs) than at the undergrad level.


And even googling paragraphs from a suspiciously familiar application essay may help an admissions officer turn up other versions of that same essay incidents of plagiarism go undetected but not all. This article, although not current, may prove interesting:If i were to post my essay online for others to proof read, say on college confidential, would the essay i submit be considered plagiarized as it is an exact copy of something thats already on the internet? How would they know that it was me who posted my essay online in the first place? The only essays you should post out in the open are practice sat essays that you'll never actually ered user posts: 1,270 senior you copy and paste your college essay, they will copy and paste your rejection ered user posts: 4,281 senior is very easy to check for plagiarism, and the colleges have a right to.

They have to buy access to plagiarism checking programs anyway for their classes, so they do not have to pay more or do anything more than a few key strokes to check the application essays for is why people pay someone to do their essays instead, and sue if the person plagiarized it.

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