college essay review

College essay review

Re not writing an essay to impress your parents, your ap english teacher, or your high school college counselor.

The essay is a potent marketing document – you’re selling yourself to the your college essays matter – a lot.

Next to your gpa and your standardized test scores, nothing in the application process carries more weight than your personal essays.

Consider this: at places like harvard and stanford, 95% of students will be rejected or ’s the enormous challenge a student faces: writing an essay that sells him or her to someone in an admissions office who will never meet or talk to the student.

In many cases, the essay can make or break your chance to get into your dream school or to win a lucrative is scholaredge different from other private college consultants?

He wrote essays that landed him admission letters from harvard, mit, berkeley, and washington university in st.

College essay review services

No exceptions – our students’ essays deserve the best ’re not just essay reviewers, we’re also essay strategists.

Admission to america’s top colleges is brutal, with many students having nearly identical gpas and test scores.

College application essay help

That means that students have to write more essays – usually within a matter of weeks.

We’re also very good at bringing essays under the word count, so students don’t have to spend valuable time trying to cut off words and sentences to meet the word limit.

In other words, we free up more of your time for the other essays you’ll need to admissions office is the only audience we obsess about at scholaredge.

He wrote countless essays that landed him admission not only to the world’s top academic programs but helped him win over 0,000 in scholarships that paid for his entire education.

He applies that same know-how in working with every essay that he ’ll get plenty of feedback from scholaredge.

College essay service

We literally take a ruler and see where we can remove words, sentences or even paragraphs that add little value to your essay.

We’ll tell you exactly how your essay stacks up against your likely competition – and where you can ’s critical that your essay speaks to an admissions reader in a way that is compelling, dynamic, and interesting.

We’ll help you to achieve that 's advice and counseling on my daughter's college admissions process was invaluable. I don't believe there is another service out there that can provide the same level of extremely high quality assistance to those of us wading through the quagmire of the college admissions process as jason can. He is super easy to work with, and is brilliant, insightful, creative, and just all-around top knows exactly what college admissions offices are looking for when they read applications from prospective students. Look forward to working with jason again in a couple years when it will be my son's turn to apply to versy over college application essay d isn't going to let you do your essay again.

College essay editing

Of the companies say they are providing a needed service, one akin to the test-preparation courses many students take before tackling examinations that are required for college and graduate admissions officials say they fear the services feed on the anxiety that surrounds the college admission so, the idea behind the companies is not new. For years, books offering writing advice for college application essays have been available, as have writing coaches hired by affluent parents to work with students on their essays.

It's not a new phenomenon, although the electronic medium is a new twist," said marlyn mcgrath lewis, director of admissions for harvard gs are intended as guides to application essays, not as works to be y, the companies may be benefiting from the busy working couple syndrome.

While many parents in earlier generations used to edit their children's essays, now, working couples often do not have the s who use the site's evaluation service compose an essay and then e-mail it to the company, which has a corps of readers -- all graduates of elite schools and most with either professional writing or college admission experience.

College admission essay editing

Their job is to scrutinize the essays and give suggestions on improving them, looking for things like organization, imagery, clarity, grammar and spelling. The fee is $r company, collegegate, offers a variety of packages to customers, from simple critiquing and correction of grammar to a service in which clients can pose questions to the essay's editors on a private bulletin board. Costs can run as high as 0 for a 3,000-word there is the cambridge essay service, run by sanford kreisberg, a freelance writer who taught expository writing at harvard for years. Kreisberg has been working privately with students on essays for about 15 years, he said, once relying solely on fax, telephone and in-person communication.

Now, with his web site, about 30 percent of his business comes from overseas, as students from as far away as pakistan and lithuania grapple with the essay requirements of american colleges and universities.

College admissions officials say review of an applicant's essay by another person before it is submitted is acceptable.

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