my college days essay

My college days essay

In fact i , college life is so beautiful, no body can forget in their life's and those days will never be back again.

I am an average student but the college was far from house, i rented a room with my watched movies, studied shared our thoughts and joyous moment together.

College life essay paragraph

Came out of my college in and it was from those days i realised the wonders that teamwork would achieve.

Students who are studying college its a god gift given to the college life learning not only inside knowledge but also outside knowledge.

Lot of fun and most memorable happens are guys don't miss college life and of all thanks to my college, why because i am learning a lot of things from my college.


When i was join college at that time i don't no about the college life, and also the college environment also very new for me.

And also my college conducting the some cultural activities like independence day, republic day etc and also college prestigiously every year conducting the freshers day and fair ever days. In final year i leave the college at that time i am feel very sad.


I think every one likes the college mrng madam/ gayathri,iam from potti sreeramulu coll.

E ,i chose computers ,because i like and iam fond of computers,after the completion of my intermediate ,based on the eamcet rank,i got seat in the vijaya womens college,but my father saw the college, and he didn't like the college and based on my relatives opinion he joined me in pscmr,.

The 1st day i entered into college with a lot of enthuasium, was a great experience for me, the college was good.

My family and my frnds suppported me and encoraged me a lot at difficult times/hard times.

In the first 2 yrs i faced some problems,but totally i enjoyed a lot, at the lab times too, i entered into the labs with a lot of curiosity ,and i had a lot of fun with my frnds ,we cracked jokes on others, we chitchat with each other.

We studied and prepared well at the time of exams only,And i have stage fear ,and a bit nervousness while giving seminars,bt now i had improved a lot along with my communication skills,my frnds and teachers encouraged me a lot while giving seminars,.


Thanking u for giving this golden oppurtunity,I did my college in vivekanandha college of engineering for women namakkal.

It was a ver wonderfull college with healthy surroundings which has lot of trees and plants.

Was the only student to delivered the complete lecturer in english for which i was appreciated by my therefore i cherished each and every moments of my college life which was name is priya,i did my graduation in tcet in my college days i was staying in college ladies hostel only.


Was an average student,but very good in other activities especially sports and my college we are mingle with other states there is no partial between were enjoyed lots in meantime of symposium we were get together and celebrate very was a lot of fun i had in my college days.

Did my mca degree at madurai kamaraj university as a coarse at karpagam college of arts and ri-coimbatore.

So i believe i can learn technologies in computer as self study with times i felt i missed the college life.

M doing my masters in computer science engineering engineering 's one of the best ering colleges in india.

My college is in ct, tamilnadu and i stayed in hostel with my my college my inspiration is my dept hod.

Me of my friend were keen in working with wireless k and often discuss about it with my professor.

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