dissertations on education

Dissertations on education

Of education dissertations ty development and workplace learning: an analysis of factors influencing workplace learning at afghan ministry of education, department of planning, mohammad javad l education and massachusetts charter schools: examining issues and practices associated with enrollment, placement and compliance, jennifer c.

Role of foster parents in improving educational outcomes for youth in foster care, gwen ifying distributed leadership: how understanding principles of practice and perceptions regarding ambiguity can enhance the leadership capacity of department chairs, diana from trauma to healing: black queer cultural workers’ experiences and discourses of love, durryle n.

Igating the impact of student opt out on value-added measures of teacher quality, joshua ing the capacity of instructional support networks for the diffusion of computer science for all (csforall) in an urban district, rebecca heritage speakers as multilingual language learners: contexts in the 21st century, bridgette ing self-determination skills of individuals with intellectual disabilities participating in the inclusive concurrent enrollment initiative programs throughout massachusetts, lyndsey os luchando: women educators’ trajectories in social movement based popular education projects in buenos aires, argentina, jennifer lee o'it bias in pre-service teachers: a mixed methods approach, tara g it right: african american male college/university presidents and their early cultivation of self-efficacy, james 's tools and the master's house: a historical analysis exploring the myth of educating for democracy in the united states, timothy ion of students with learning and behavior problems: knowledge, attitudes, and inclusive practices in turkey, hanife ece social network analysis to investigate the diffusion of special education knowledge within a school district, martha h.

Ationalizing social justice education: interamerican frameworks for teaching and learning in the 21st century, mirangela g.

Gaps between values and practices of global citizenship education: a critical analysis of global citizenship education in south korea, hye seung igating the relationship between implicit theories about intelligence and teacher-student relationship quality, woodbury b.

Plative practices and learning: a holistic approach to education in bhutan, yang ming voices and identities: an examination of african american educators’ experiences before and after brown v.

Board of education, leta hip in the development discourse: a case study in education in tanzania, satomi kamei.

Dissertation in education

Al literacy and identities in world language education: telling reflective stories of digital storytelling, keiko y between digital and traditional literacy practices: a framework for building a reading culture in a secondary school, nina focus/collective responsibility: the lived experience of educators as members of a data team in a connecticut public high school, abbie-jean m.

Strand ing candidate preknowledge of items using a predictive checking method, xi uration stress, psychological and sociocultural adjustment, and development of american adolescents: a qualitative study of newton high school exchange students in china, binbin les to girls' education and girls' lived school experience in benin: school as an institution of cultural transmission, simeon the bus: investigating the correlations between teacher collaborative action-taking and self-efficacy, tara b.

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Keenan ions supporting the development of scientific argumentation in high school chemistry classrooms: the role of question prompts and an interactive simulation, tugba eaching in pakistan: perspectives of novice higher education faculty about the contribution of microteaching to their learning and practice, salma n.

L education leadership practices that support postsecondary transition service delivery for students with severe disabilities, laurel a.

Guide was created to teach doctoral students to select, search, evaluate and organize their dissertation research dissertations found on this page link to the complete text.

Reflections on exemplary dissertations in education research

Experiences as professional development for leaders in environmental education: the cascade of : fortino, carol ann. Communities in higher education: a field observation case relationship between self esteem and effective educational leadership: a literary review, recommendations, and : korir, julie; karr-kidwell, pj.

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Are herehome » libraries » education (cubberley) » dissertations in collections in educationcollege ing in 2009 stanford dissertations were filed electronically and are available full text through searchworks.

A single paper copy is kept in the stanford university archives and may be paged for use in special stanford dissertations from 1989 to 2009 are available online in full text from dissertations & theses at stanford university.

These are free to stanford faculty, students, and staff and can be purchased by ating copies of graduate school of education (gse) dissertations through 2009 are available by request from sal3. To locate and request these dissertations, use the online catalog, masters' theses are shelved in the main reading room at cubberley library.

Some have also been deposited in the stanford digital repository and are available now have access to dissertations from other universities through proquest dissertations & theses -initiatedlyle spencer research ophy in educational policy and practice (ipepp).

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Grantsconference grant webinar ship awardsdissertation -initiatedlyle spencer research ophy in educational policy and practice (ipepp). Awardsdissertation tions on exemplary dissertations in education tions on exemplary dissertations in education researchadam gamoran*university of wisconsin-madisonjune 2007 few external committee assignments have been as pleasurable for me as serving on the spencer foundation's exemplary dissertation award committee.

What made this service more enjoyable than most was a combination of two factors: an outstanding, thoughtful, and diverse group of fellow committee members; and a set of nominated dissertations that shared these qualities.

Our reading of the nominations provoked vigorous debate and deliberation, and resulted in the selection of five exemplary dissertations.

In addition, two dissertations were selected for spencer foundation small research grants through the authors' institutions. Had we been charged with identifying the "most outstanding" dissertation, i think we would have had a more difficult time reaching consensus.

The emphasis on "exemplary" was deliberate; while there could easily be differences of opinion about which dissertation is the "best," i think there could be little disputing the judgment that all five of the award-winning selections are exemplary, and can serve as models of high-quality research within their disciplines for others to follow.

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