essay about vote buying

Essay about vote buying

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of uk ds: vote buying essay, vote buying is common knowledge that once you enter politics you are ready to any eventuality, especially when it comes to funding.

Popularity per se is not enough to assure the vote of the electorate especially in local politics.

Although the comelec has already set guidelines and rules regarding the expenditures of the candidadates for each voter, more often than not, they exceed much more than the set amount.

Before and during election period, voters flock to headquarters and leaders of politicians to take advantage of the situation: to ask for favors, influence and even money in exchange for a promise of vote.

Those politicians who have money can device a program to identify and to assure that his or her money will be transformed into votes.

To make sure, they furnish a copy of voters' registration in comelec in the area, so as to identify a potential voter to buy or to corrupt the mind of the a poor country like ours, it is not impossible to have a power because our politicians know our vulnerability to pressure and our hardships in life.

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They take advantage of our weaknesses but we cannot blame those who sell their votes.

That is why even when the act is illegal and unlawful, like selling votes, they instanlty resort to it to easily come up with a solution to their problem, like poverty.

On the long run, the vote buying will only be a stepping stone for corruption and fiefdom perpetration. Vote buying involves the individual, immediate, and private exchange of goods, services, or cash for electoral support, usually in violation of legal norms- hickens, 2006. Economic exchange (schaffer, 2002)--- -(page 1) research on electoral politics in san isidro, bataan- "vote buying and vote selling can be understood no longer as an economic transaction between those who sell their freedom and those who buy them in the hope of regaining their investments when they get into power… from the standpoint of ordinary people… elections are the times when equality and justice are temporarily achieved as their patrons fulfill their financial obligations to support them in times of need (ibana, 1996, 130-131).


Apparent efforts by parties or candidates to influence electoral choices through the delivery or promise of material benefits to voters (schedler, 2002).

Both types are widely used in the case of the philippines although the idea of direct vote buying serves as the more popular is the most common type of vote buying where direct payments, in many forms, are given to the voter.

It may be in the form of cash donations, shares of stock or a promise of a particular plan of action or payment in exchange for a promise of vote (dekel, e.

This type of vote buying uses campaign strategies that target the weaknesses of the electorate.


A poll watcher only needs 4 things in order to land the job: 1) a ballpen 2) a tally sheet 3) at least 18 years of age and 4) a registered vote (bava, 1998).

If the hired person is a registered voter, the employer will be sure that the employer's vote will go to him or her.

In this case, the poll watchers and other employees will feel obligated to vote the candidate/employer because of the job that was given to is the common type of material that the candidates use in order to buy votes. In the context of vote buying, accepting a gift does not give you the responsibility and obligation of voting the last kind is in the form of wage.

Like gifts, it does not require any obligation to the ing to schaffer (2002), there are three factors that affect the strategies of the candidates and the perception of the voters toward vote buying.

The first factor both affects the candidate's strategies and the voter's perception while the last two factors affect mainly the strategies of the of the socioeconomic factor is the social class (hicken, 2006). The easiest and most effective strategy to garner votes is to buy the votes of those who are included in this majority (which is the lower class).


Almost all politicians who are running in office are focusing their campaign on the less fortunate because to them, greater number of voters means more number of votes and more number of votes means greater chances of second socioeconomic factor is education (hicken, 2006) which affects the voter's view about vote buying.

For the high and some middle class voters, vote buying is a deviant and somehow an immoral behavior.

They are advocates of different anti-vote buying campaigns and they are known for organizing movements that educate the people about this kind of campaign strategies. But for some middle class and most in the lower class (who cannot afford to have a higher education), they accepted vote buying because they perceive it as the time when they can receive "free" money that they can use to buy their (2006, p.


Different institutional factors may encourage or discourage the use of vote institutional factor is the electoral system itself (hicken, 2006). It affects the strategy of the candidate because large constituency means larger amount of money needed to buy votes. As a result, candidates will lessen the amount of money to be distributed to the people in order to prioritize other campaign cal factors are different conditions and circumstances in society that affect the creation of various policies political of the variable under this factor are the election laws, particularly the anti-vote buying laws (hicken, 2006). The degree of execution of different anti-vote buying laws affect how candidates device their strategy and distribution plans. In the philippines, vote buying is illegal yet it continues to occur probably because of inefficiency of the laws and the law enforcers and the light punishments that will be given to the law breaker. There is no strict regulation of such laws in our country that is why the practice of vote buying is still a widespread act.

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