research paper on genetically modified food

Research paper on genetically modified food

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Genetically modified foods research paper

When an organism’s genes (its genetic materials) arechanged in a laboratory, the organism is called genetically modified or transgenic(ramaswami 1).

These foods include soy beans, corn, and dairy products;and the first genetically modified plant, a tobacco plant, was created in 1983 (canion 1).

Is currently a debate going on about the genetically modified foods americansconsume, and the effects it has on animals and the environment. Some people argue aboutthe benefits of these genetically modified foods, claiming that these foods are dangerousand the scientists creating these foods are careless about what genes they choose andfrom where they get those genes. However; these benefits include: faster growing plants,tolerance against harsh weather conditions, drought resistance, pest resistance, water andsoil conservation, and higher an organism is genetically modified certain genetic traits are taken out andreplaced with more favorable ones.

Coli the invention of thiscalcari 2genetically modified organism led to the first genetically engineered product, humaninsulin, produced by eli lilly and company in 1982.

Genetically modified plants and human health

In1983 the first genetically modified plant a tobacco plant that was resistant to antibioticswas created. Ten years later scientists had grown the first gm food, produced by thecalifornian company calegene, which would be available commercially one year later flavr was taken off the market only after a couple years, dueto poor flavr savr tomato was the first genetically modified food to be approved by thefda, and the first to be sold commercially in 1994.

Fabio 1) after the flavr savr tomato moregenetically modified foods began to show up in grocery stores and on farms across theworld in the mid 90's.

Some of the first genetically modified foods that were sold ingrocery stores are: canola, soybean, corn, and cotton seed oil.

Later on in the 2000' research was done on modification of animal genes such as cows, pigs, and first genetically modified animal created for consumption purposes was salmon andis currently being considered for approval by the fda.

Although the fda hasn’t foundany problems with these fish, conservationists argue about this genetically modified breed of fish.

One of their biggest fears is that the genetically modified fish will try and breed with fish that have not had their genes modified; however these fish are all femaleand have three sets of chromosomes, making them sterile (hensley 1).

Genetically modified foods research papers

Kolata 1)these are several examples of how genetically modified foods have an effect on our livesthrough by entering our diets; it is estimated that over 80% of our foods have been or contain genetically modified subject of human consumption of these foods has started debates in europe,australia, africa, and america.

In some european countries, and in australia, these foodsnow have to label stating if they have been genetically modified, or if they containgenetically modified foods.

In america, the labeling of these foods has not been done butis currently being argued over.

Another argument in america over these foods is the patents that scientists have put on the plants that they’ve modified. In africa, the debateover these foods is whether or not these foods are good for agriculture. Some of t arguments against these foods are that these foods are bad for the environment,these foods could possibly cause harm to what eats them, and that these foods can have anegative long term effect on humans.

Genetically modified foods: a critical review of their promise and

Gm foods are safe, healthy and essential if we ever want to achieve decent living standards for the world's growing population.

Taverne1) scientist believe that if problems do arise that they will be manageablegenetically modified plants and foods have many benefits to them one of the mostcommonly known is that these plants can grow to be very large in a short amount of time,and with only a little bit of water.

If these foods continue tospread around the world it could be possible to stop world hunger.

Free modified foods essays and papers

Genetically modifiedcalcari 4foods can also last longer than ordinary foods, making the easy to deliver to super marketsthese foods can also be used to vaccinate people.

Genetically engineered potatoescontaining a hepatitis b vaccine have successfully boosted immunity in their first humantrials (coghlan 1).

These plants could even eliminate allergies in some the last thirty years genetic engineering has proven to be beneficial to humans,with the invention of human insulin and genetically modified foods.

Genetic engineeringhas helped us discover only a small amount of the great possibilities that can be ended documentsdocuments similar to gmos research paperskip carouselcarousel previouscarousel nextdna technology choice boarduntitleduntitledare gmos safe or harmfulgmois genetically modified food harmful to ustaking a stand against gmogmf - dr. Kaumudhi cole sellard6 docx 11--16doctoroz com 2014-02-04 12-14ultimate gmo guide mercolamake up assignment for genetically modified foodsshort review article finalbch+190+15. Agricultural+biotechnology+part+iiia+issues%2c+controversies+and+concerns+setting+the+stage+about+food+and+agriculture+iculturenew microsoft word document (2).

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