literature review on consumer buying behavior essay

Literature review on consumer buying behavior essay

Activities affect the consumers buying is an influential tool to focus the consumers to buy the particular products.

This study explains the factors that contribute to brand equity and the consumers' buying behaviour which is based on the four aspects of brand equity namely brand awareness, perceived quality, brand loyalty and brand study has involved the qualitative study of branding where the secondary data has been analyzed.

Their literature has been reviewed and findings were that branding can be used give the positive results.

5 recommendations for further research 1: a conceptual framework for brand equity 2: schematic model of consumer decision process 3: validity and reliability of the research 1: relevant situation for different strategies study of product and the brand equity was begun in the early 1960s.

There were a few researchers who have investigated the relationship between brand and the consumer's behaviour.

Later, dolich (1969) adopted human personality scales in order to study the product personalities of four products (beer, cigarettes, bar soap and toothpaste) and their relationships between consumers' actual and (1997) realized this limitation and he developed the brand personality scale (bps) model.

Since then, the brand personality dimensions have been applied to various setting across different cultures to gauge consumers' symbolic consumption and their effects on behaviour (aaker, benet-martinez and garolera 2001, supphellen and gronhaug 2003).

Consumer behavior

Because of this reason consumers expect the brand to give them positive and protective roles in their lives.

Thus the brand equity plays forge strong and meaningful affective bonds with the consumers and hence result in change in their buying behaviour and change the part of their life in their social networks.

Brand equity helps to show a kind of self-expression or symbolic function and high reputation in the minds of the consumers.

Content analysis

Various products such as credit cards, gold, watches or prestige items tend to think themselves that they are different from equity helps to create a set of unique and favourable links in consumer memory.

The well established brand influences consumer favourite and investment and develops a very strong trust and loyalty with the brand. Such brands were used with the objectives of personal satisfaction and to fulfil the exploit of richness of the personality associated with is the great relationship between the human characteristics (consumer's behaviour) and the performance of the brand (brand equity).

Literature review

Aaker (1996) described it as one of the core dimensions of the brand identity and as the closet variable to the consumers' buying decisions making process. The questions has arises about the brand equity and how the consumers are stable or change their buying behaviour according to the different products (brands). The devoted interest of brand equity some questions may arise which are as follows:Why consumers' changed their buying behaviour for brand equity?

Research helps to give answers the above questions and relate the brand with the and the consumers are interrelated.

Consumers' pays money for products and in returns they want the satisfied results and if it is a branded product they are willing to pay more for the same type of products.

So, this research has found that why the consumers change their buying habit and what is so, special about the brand equity for the this research followings are some research objective:To find out how brand equity affects the consumers' buying analyse the importance of the brand these set of objectives and questions this research has been done.

Consumer behavior research

The basic idea is that the power of brand lies in what the consumers' have heard, seen, and learned about it.

The brand helps give all the answer and satisfied the ent consumers' developed different knowledge about the brands as the different categories of the products.


These types of knowledge in brand may depend upon the consumer's interests, their occupation and their hobby.

This research includes how the consumers' think about the brand and how it works to change the behaviour of the main scope of this research is to know how brand literacy developed and why do so many people in today's world care about the brands.

It depends on how the product is launched and the manufacture or suppliers made strategies of the brand to lunch limitation of this research is, it only concerned with brand equity and cannot cover the consumer's buying behaviour on other normal products.

In the recent scenario there were numbers of research accomplished in the field of consumers' buying behaviour.

Most of the researches were focus on the single brand, in spite of the significance of innovative ideas for understanding the fast-changing consumer's habits. This research is going to explore the consumer's buying behaviour under the influence of the brand this chapter, the literature that concerned with the functions and roles of brand and brand equity are reviewed to provide a theoretical framework for the analysis.

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