m phil dissertation

Mphil dissertation

To primary navigationskip to ment of history and philosophy of ment of history and philosophy of to section homeabout the departmentabout the department the departmentresearch projectsresearch projects for survival: a global history of seed igating fake scientific instruments in the whipple museum hiv: homosex and venereal disease, c. Ng a visiting scholar or visiting the departmentbecoming a visiting scholar or visiting studentbecoming a visiting scholar or visiting student ng for research grants and post-doctoral the departmentadministrationadministration strationinformation for examiners and assessorsinformation for examiners and assessors strationinformation for supervisorsinformation for supervisors to section homepeoplepeople to section homestudy hpsstudy hps hpsundergraduate studyundergraduate study ucing history and philosophy of into history and philosophy of hpsgraduate studygraduate study in history and philosophy of science and te studyphd in history and philosophy of sciencephd in history and philosophy of science to section homestudent informationstudent information t informationtimetabletimetable 2: sciences in transition: renaissance to 4: science, medicine and technology since 6: ethics and politics of science, technology and iisingle-paper optionssingle-paper options t informationpart ib students' guidepart ib students' guide t informationpart ii students' guidepart ii students' guide ii students' guideadviceadvice t informationpart iii students' guidepart iii students' guide iii students' guideessays and dissertationessays and dissertation ines for the critical literature t informationmphil students' guidemphil students' guide t informationphd students' guidephd students' guide ission and working away from to section homenews and eventsnews and events and eventsseminars and reading groupsseminars and reading groups rs and reading groupsdepartmental seminarsdepartmental seminars rs and reading groupstwentieth century think tanktwentieth century think tank cts for twentieth century think rs and reading groupscabinet of natural historycabinet of natural history rs and reading groupsgraduate seminarsgraduate seminars and methods of histories of the intersection of gender, race and disability with philosophy of ophy and history of physics reading rs and reading groupslanguage groupslanguage groups ge groupslatin therapylatin therapy rs and reading groupsarchivearchive and eventsgraduate and postdoc traininggraduate and postdoc training to section homehistory of medicinehistory of medicine enth cambridge wellcome lecture in the history of ment of history and philosophy of students are required to submit three essays and a dissertation. Each of them must be on a topic approved by the degree committee that falls within one of the specified subject are encouraged to explore a range of different topics, balancing them so that they are both relevant to your interests and also span the subject of history and philosophy of science and is expected that no more than one essay shall be submitted in any one of the subject areas, but with permission from the degree committee up to two essays may be submitted in the same subject are permitted to write your dissertation in the same general area as one of your essays, but the dissertation and essay must address different questions, and the dissertation must show evidence of a substantial new research effort.

Any use of the essay in the dissertation has to be appropriately referenced, just like any other primary or secondary source, as if the essay were written by a different aware that you should be working on essay 2 and essay 3 in tandem during lent term.

Mphil dissertation

Do not wait until you have submitted essay 2 before starting work on essay department publishes a list of members of the department and associates who are willing to supervise mphil essays and dissertations, together with the topics on which they are prepared to supervise.

You are not permitted to work with the same supervisor for more than two pieces of you would like to work with an external supervisor – someone who is not a member of the department – you must obtain permission from the mphil the beginning of the year you will be given a set of four topic forms – one form for each of the essays and one for the dissertation.

Extra copies are available from the departmental should complete each form by stating the topic of the essay or dissertation and selecting one of the ten subject areas.

Mphil thesis

If your supervisor is not a member of the department, ask the mphil manager to sign the form as deadline for submitting each form to the departmental office is shown on key dates and deadlines and on the form ng the topic, subject area or the degree committee has approved the topic, subject area and supervisor for an essay or dissertation, you must apply for permission if you want to change them.

Permission is not automatically change the topic, you should retrieve the topic form from the departmental office and write your new topic on the back.

Your supervisor should then sign the form to indicate their approval of the change and note any need for a change in examiners. See key dates and deadlines for the last dates for changing change the subject area or supervisor, you should complete the request form.

M.phil. dissertation

The request must be approved by the mphil university and the department of history and philosophy of science take plagiarism very seriously.

Please read our advice about what plagiarism is and how to avoid department uses the text-matching software turnitin uk to blanket screen all student work submitted in you are planning to collect data from human participants, or use data collected from human participants, you will need to plan well in advance to ensure that you have obtained ethical approval before starting work on your project and have given consideration to how you are going to handle the information you g with human participants: ethical approval and data should submit two copies of each essay and the dissertation to the departmental office before 12noon on the day of the deadline.

Mphil dissertation writing

They should be printed single sided and should be securely bound or essays and dissertation will be marked anonymously, so it is important that your name does not appear anywhere on copy should have a cover sheet stating the title of the essay or dissertation, the number of words and the name of the supervisor. Cover sheets and submission forms will be available on addition, you are required to upload your examined work to the 'hps mphil coursework' site on moodle. Please note:The file you upload must be exactly the same as the printed copies. It should include the bibliography and any cannot upload more than one file for each following file formats are accepted: doc, docx, pdf, are advised to check your email the day after you have submitted to ensure there are no queries about your senior examiner will advise the examiners' meeting of any late submissions and, unless there are exceptional circumstances, this will normally entail the cumulative loss of marks for each day's lateness beyond the published deadline: i.

Within one day, one mark will be deducted; within two days, two marks will be deducted; within three days, three marks will be deducted, etc.

Mphil thesis writing

Given that problems can and do occur (such as computers crashing and printers breaking), students are advised that their work should be ready almost a week in advance of the formal deadline.

The department adheres strictly to the rule that permission to submit essays or dissertations late will only be granted by the degree committee (or by the degree committee's chair taking chair's action) if a formal request is received from the candidate's college, with medical or similar reasons given in documentary note that the department will retain a copy of your dissertation and essays and may make them available to future students unless you make a written request to the contrary to the departmental word limit is 5,000 words for each essay and 15,000 for the dissertation.

This includes footnotes but excludes the bibliography and prefatory s may be included in the work and should contribute to the argument.

They should be captioned only so as to specify the source; such captions are excluded from the word count.

Formulae may be used where appropriate and are also excluded from the word gh the word limit for the dissertation is 15,000, the department considers an ideal word count for a dissertation to be 12,000.

Less than 10,000 words is unacceptably order to ensure the equitable enforcing of the word limit laid down for mphil work, candidates will be required to submit their work, on the specified deadline, stating the word count in the work, together with an electronic version of the work.

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