national legal research group

National legal research group

Resources legal research and consulting research division of national legal authored by nlrg research al injury and insurance law legal & estates, wills, and tax law legal has been with nlrg since 1987.

He also handles environmental law for the firm, and, as the recipient of the peter benchley shark conservation award, has been recognized as an international expert on shark  founded the legal research services industry in 1969 with the mission of providing solo practitioners, small law firms, and corporate counsel with trial and appellate briefs, memoranda, motions, pleadings, and multi-state surveys - the same specialized legal research firepower enjoyed by large firms, at an affordable price, on an "as needed" basis.


Our 35 full time legal research attorneys, all outstanding graduates of top us law schools, are specialized by area of law, ensuring competence and expertise.

Our legal research attorney staff averages 20+ years of experience with nlrg and has served more than 50,000 attorneys nationwide, on over 165,000 now offer our clients an appellate brief compliance review and filing service through the lex group.


Your attorneys are very efficient and do an excellent job with brief writing and research. Thorough, critical issues researched in depth, clear development of law and its application to facts. Your staff of well-trained lawyers consistently delivers quality research, making it possible for busy small firm lawyers to compete with anyone.

On the map to see what attorneys in your state are saying about eys receive a free consultation, and new attorney clients also receive a free hour of legal a surcharge for outside attorney national legal research group has assisted many attorney-clients over the years with valuable legal research and writing services.

When outsourcing your legal research, you should be critical of the firm that will be completing your work for your case. Not only can the legal research work have a serious impact on your case, but you are also putting your own firm’s reputation on the line. The national legal research group can offer you legal research and writing from fellow senior attorneys, at an affordable price, in a timely provide attorneys with more flexible options, our legal research is billed by the hour, on an as-needed basis.


Rush work is available with an additional surcharge, should you need your legal research expedited.

We have a wide range of service options for legal research that can fit any firm size or budget size.

Click here for more information on our legal research team of attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and experience working on a wide range of cases, including united states supreme court, federal court of appeals, and cases in every state in the u.

In addition to the extensive legal research work they have completed at nlrg, many of our attorneys spent years in private practice prior to joining the national legal research group, and publish frequently in their area of expertise. This allows us to match our attorney-clients to the research attorney that has experience most relevant to their case. Who is doing your legal research has a large impact on the results and quality of work.


Nlrg takes a unique approach to legal research and writing services by assigning our attorney-clients to one of our attorneys that is specialized in the area of law pertaining to the case.

This additional level of expertise specific to your unique case is a service that many legal research firms simply cannot match.

You can even request to work directly with an attorney of your choice, if you prefer to work with the same attorney for ongoing research.

Click here to learn more about the attorneys that will be completing your legal research.

2016 national legal research group, ng out the big guns for small and medium ’s no such thing as run-of-the-mill legal research, says john f.

Buckley iv, who knows a thing or two about the y is the president of the oldest and largest legal research firm in the u.


The firm, founded in 1969, offers what it calls “specialized legal research firepower” for law firms and individual attorneys, many of whom are facing cases that involve issues for which there are few, if any, local legal es like these are crucial to firms and lawyers who want to compete with big practices, but lack their resources or in charlottesville, virginia, nlrg has regional offices in colorado, florida and texas, but assists attorneys in all 50 states.

It’s a lot of ground to cover for a staff of 35 lawyers, especially considering they don’t just do the research but write memoranda, appellate briefs, motions, pleadings and multi-state y says that in many cases, nlrg will act as a consultant to attorneys through the whole trial process, advising them on whether or not they should even take a case and then helping them draft pleadings, arguments and has worked on over 173,500 cases since its inception, and buckley explains that the secret ingredient to handling all of them with just a few dozen people is experience.

Comes into play when litigating cases of first impression that have few local precedents, and buckley says his team of attorney-writers will research analogous cases in other jurisdictions to craft an example, in a 2014 case in virginia, former union employees of verizon filed complaints that the company had committed fraud by offering them a severance package under the false pretense that it needed to lay off workers.

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