public health dissertation

Public health dissertation

Ion of the performance capabilities of the usf inhalation challenge chamber, laura udinal study of adjustable workstations, megan elizabeth health risk characterization of petroleum coke calcining facility emissions, davinderjit thylene diisocyanate homopolymer and monomer exposure assessment and characterization at an automobile manufacturer in the united states, karthik reguram assessment of retractions as a measure of scientific misconduct and impact on public health risks, alison j.

Sharad suryakant nting perceived effectiveness of community-based health promotion coalitions: a grounded theory approach, alyssa brooke lar and phenotypic studies validating the role of the ecdysone receptor in the human parasite brugia malayi, amruta ment of public health risks associated with petrochemical emissions surrounding an oil refinery, erin l.

Theses and dissertations--public health (m.p.h. & dr.p.h.

Ivory alizations and costs associated with firearm-related violence and injuries (frevi) in the united states, vikas effect of fungal growth on potential phthalate ester exposures from plasticized polyvinyl chloride, garrick tical modeling and prediction of hiv/aids prognosis: bayesian analyses of nonlinear dynamic mixtures, xiaosun exploration of threatened harm as a type of maltreatment and its relation to recurrence of maltreatment, roxann tion of the interest in development and availability of the resting metabolic rate test as a routine healthcare standard, seth wayne temporal distribution of genus culex (diptera: culicidae) in usf ecopreserve, hillsborough county, florida, emily al and mental health status of adults with serious mental illness participating in a jail diversion intervention, robin terization of waste anesthetic gas exposures to veterinary workers in the tampa bay area, kyle s related to the professional management of early breastfeeding problems: perspectives of lactation consultants, erica hesch mental health: views of services integration and attitudes toward evidence-based, donna l. Al tracking pilot and referral outcome rates for the school health program in panama, jesica eileen y of life in female breast cancer survivor in panama, mayela ts' perspectives in following hypertensive guidelines on sodium intake and lifestyle modifications in panama, lissette raquel assessment of an in-vitro model for evaluating the role of parp in ethanol-mediated hepatotoxicity, jayme of treatment of asthma attacks in a tertiary level healthcare hospital in panama, nydia flores os exposure in the research laboratory, ediberto d. Monte carlo approach to change point detection in a liver transplant, alexia melissa ces and factors influencing sharps use and safety in a suburban fire department and among emergency medical services personnel, christine michelle igation of mercury use, release, deposition, and exposures in the tampa bay area, ryan algernon tion of occupational risk factors for nurses and cnas: analysis of florida workers' compensation claims database, sheila fying the ergonomic impact on healthcare workers using a needle-free injector device, humberto jose olivero determinants of antiretroviral therapy adherence and the relationship of healthcare expenditures to adherence among florida medicaid-insured patients diagnosed with hiv or aids, zachary determinants of racial and ethnic disparities in perinatal morbidity: social origins of perinatal health study, abraham a. People aren't mind readers": a study of sexual self-concept, partner communication, and sexual satisfaction, heather of occupational health interventions in indonesia, hanifa maher al heat stress evaluation of two-layer clothing ensembles and the contributionof a full-face negative pressure respirator, oclla michele t care provider safety: examining one intervention to reduce hospital violence, paul leslie siveness of the federal health system to the needs of 18-45 year old adults with physical disabilities in islamabad, pakistan, shaista exposure in medical helicopter flights, melissa constance onships of heat stress levels to heat-related disorders and acute injury during deepwater horizon cleanup operations, michael h.

Yellow flag of quarantine: an analysis of the historical and prospective impacts of socio-legal controls over contagion, peter oliver tion of the usf safe exposure time equation for heat stress, arden bruce of a wellness clinic visit on cardiovascular risk biomarkers in employees of a va medical center, margaret examination of the impact of preconception health on adverse pregnancy outcomes through the theoretical lens of reciprocal determinism, mary elizabeth buie.

Barriers to hepatitis c treatment initiation in kentucky clinic, moaz l distribution of partner-seeking men who have sex with men (msm): an epidemiologic study using msm geosocial networking applications, angel blake ty of the public health accreditation board’s governance measures, badr atory function and associated risk factors in the kentucky women's health registry, negash amsalu effects of improved water and sanitation access on under five child diarrhea in peru, april ballard.

Tis c screening and treatment of prisoners: analysis of policy and practice in kentucky, charity faith kranz of clonidine in sedation dentistry, asma health: a school-based health promotion program, jane katherine role of stress in the relationship between shift worked and hypertension, madison evaluation of the mpowerment evidence-based program in congruence with chicago-specific mobile app on reducing hiv transmission and acquisition, katelyn elizabeth ="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden">.

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The doctoral program: doctoral program | research | recent dissertations |msph-to-phd | apply | program behavior doctoral dissertations and the abstracts completed since 2006 are made available online in the carolina digital tables here list graduates, dissertation titles and advisers for students by year of graduation.

Mixed methods study of social network characteristics and health facility delivery among women in rural tanding the role of reactance to pictorial warnings on cigarette health and sexual risk behaviors among social networks of young tanzanian effect of e-cigarette print advertisements on smoking cessation.

9, logical health and smoking in young adulthood: smoking trajectories and responsiveness to state cigarette excise taxes.

It’s a bad thing … but it’s a good thing too:” a mixed methods examination of technology use and cyber dating abuse perpetration in adolescent romantic ing bidirectional relationships between parental socialization behaviors and adolescent alcohol misuse across early and es of reactivity to bullying victimization: genetic and family environment sion, diabetes, and social ing the relationships between mass media messages, public opinion, and point-of-sale tobacco control policy implementation in the united y weight behaviors and weight change in parents and preschool-aged osity, racial identity, and sexual initiation among black american examination of community and consumer tobacco and food retail environments. Ing men’s health through weight control: randomized trials testing recruitment messages and a novel weight loss role of masculine gender norms in hiv vulnerability among dominican men enrolled in a circumcision feasibility sion, diabetes, and social onship between sexual minority couples and tobacco retailer density and itant adolescent vaccination: the influence of seasonal variation, school requirements, and patient-provider ing for the learner stage of graduated driver size does not fit all: predicting subgroups of breast cancer survivors who report different physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns from pre-diagnosis to ten years ing the direct, indirect, and moderated effects of neighborhood characteristics on trajectories of dating violence dating violence perpetration among middle school youth: the role of bullying, sexual harassment, and screening benefits & harms: news coverage & provider norms, masculine gender-role strain and hiv risk behaviors among men in rural south ity-based approaches to prevention: linking coalition capacity, community readiness, and implementation to reductions in adolescent alcohol onic cigarettes: diffusion of a controversial s influencing support for point-of-sale provisions of the tobacco control act: retailer and public opinion. Mixed-methods examination of the influence of social conditions and social networks on the sexual risk behavior of structurally vulnerable african american male tanding pathways to weight loss among employees and organizations enrolled in the way to health worksite-based weight loss ization influences on sexual health behaviors among african american men: utilizing an inter-group and intra-group approach to health racial climate and racial disparities in youth sedentary behavior.

Look up health behavior dissertations submitted since 2006 ing determinants of seasonal influenza vaccine uptake using the who's vaccine hesitancy matrix, urkovia er risk assessment of emergency preparedness in georgia's public health districts using the great hazard vulnerability evaluation tool, linda i.

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The health belief model to explore and describe central georgia african american small family farmers perceptions of production agriculture safety: an applied qualitative study, jerel ing the inference of some experiemtal studies by using ranked auxiliary covariates, rajai s affecting substance abuse and treatment in ghana: a social-ecological perspective using photovoice, ahmed kabore.

Quantitative comparative analysis of public health emergency preparedness and healthcare preparedness program performance in georgia, saroyi c.

Ing the feasibility of the employer as a health advisor for type 2 diabetes prevention, siddhartha effects of government regulation on providing healthcare at united states hospitals between 1997 and 2010, david e.

Schott association between the prevalence of diabetes in local health departments' jurisdictions and the health related services they provide, john sheahan.

Mixed methods assessment of the implementation of electronic health records in local health departments, karmen s.

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Ment of the knowledge and skills of school personnel to respond to diabetic emergencies in georgia public schools, alesha ation of racial/ethnic disparities in ovarian cancer stage of diagnosis, surgery treatment and survival: multilevel analysis of 2001-2012 seer data, chen health implications associated with the practice of utilizing tires to singe meat in three major cities of ghana: a concurrent mixed methods study, tempest d.

In premature mortality from colorectal cancer in the united states, 2000 to 2010, james allen johnson -definitive hiv test results: the impact of non-definitive hiv test results at a metropolitan academic not-for-profit integrated health care system (manihcs) hiv test site, lewis a.

Dge, attitude and behavioral intention about cancer of oral cavity and pharynx among public health students in southeast georgia, ravneet y, food insecurity and the impact on perceptions and behaviors toward dietary nutrition in low income women in georgia, amanda examination of self-reported factors associated with the participation in hiv risk behaviors among individuals aged 54 to 65 in georgia, katie m.

Aphic and clinical characteristics associated with loss to follow-up for hiv primary medical care in the coastal care centers (coastal health district).

Raimi ncy medical services role in public health emergency preparedness: a look at organizational configurations in the state of georgia, damian ting the efficacy of a childhood lead poisoning risk model as an accurate predictor of lead exposure, christopher r.

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An assessment of the upson county pre-kindergarten and elementary school physical activity occurrences, cheryl lynn robinson ool children's perceptions of fruit and vegetable messages and their relationship to parenting practices, and child knowledge, preference, and consumption, andrew rasmus ing the understanding of the social determinants of health to support community readiness for change, nandi influence of federally qualified health centers on selected ambulatory care sensitive conditions in georgia, mary w. More efficient gibbs sampler estimation using steady state simulation: applications to public health studies, martin xavier be a man about it: the influence of masculinity on coping mechanisms in undergraduate african american men, krista vers of children enrolled in georgia's early intervention program: the influence of rural or urban residence on knowledge of rights, community resources and social supports, matthew william outcomes in georgia: socioeconomic and ecological analyses of low birth weight, 2000-2006, kelley g.

Y of health belief model constructs in predicting dietary behaviors among female university students: a pilot investigation, vanessa emily sion viewing habits, body mass index, dietary behaviors snd physical activity among university students, mary catherine ved threat of hiv/aids between men who have sex with men and heterosexual males, traci laquey s of dynamic, static stretch, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on running velocity, step length, and step rate, william todd dissatisfaction and other sociocultural factors as predictors of body image perceptions in sorority and non-sorority women, kiley elizabeth t of health information, body mass index, and physical activity and dietary behaviors among university students, julianne m.

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