social science statistics

Social science statistics

Web site has three main sections: statistical calculators,Which deals mainly with hypothesis testing; p-value calculators,Which allow you to derive p-values from z, t, chi-square and pearson (r); and descriptive statistics - averages, variance,The output of our calculators and tools has been audited for accuracy against produced by a number of established statistics packages, including spss b, so you can be confident that you're not being led astray by using ces.

Visit the learner help center to learn about updating your browser or switching to a new s and statistics in social sciences specializationstarts dec 18enrollabout this specializationcoursescreatorsfaqmethods and statistics in social sciences specializationenrollstarts dec 18financial aid is available for learners who cannot afford the fee.

Learn more and s and statistics in social sciences specializationcritically analyze research and results using r. Learn to recognize sloppy science, perform solid research and do appropriate data this specializationidentify interesting questions, analyze data sets, and correctly interpret results to make solid, evidence-based specialization covers research methods, design and statistical analysis for social science research questions.

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In the final capstone project, you’ll apply the skills you learned by developing your own research question, gathering data, and analyzing and reporting on the results using statistical d by:5 coursesfollow the suggested order or choose your tsdesigned to help you practice and apply the skills you icateshighlight your new skills on your resume or sbeginner prior experience 1quantitative methodsupcoming session: dec 18commitment8 weeks, 4-5 hours/weeksubtitlesenglish, chinese (simplified)about the coursediscover the principles of solid scientific methods in the behavioral and social sciences.

Learn 2qualitative research methodsupcoming session: dec 18commitment8 weeks of study, 4-6 hours/weeksubtitlesenglishabout the coursein this course you will be introduced to the basic ideas behind the qualitative research in social science.

Learn 3basic statisticscurrent session: dec 4commitment8 weeks of study, week 1: 3-6 hours; week 2-8: 1-3 hours/lesenglishabout the courseunderstanding statistics is essential to understand research in the social and behavioral sciences.

Statistics for the social sciences

In this course you will learn the basics of statistics; not just how to calculate them, but also how to evaluate them.

Learn 4inferential statisticscurrent session: dec 4commitment7 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/weeksubtitlesenglishabout the courseinferential statistics are concerned with making inferences based on relations found in the sample, to relations in the population.

Inferential statistics help us decide, for example, whether the differences between groups that we see in our data ar...

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Learn 5methods and statistics in social science - final research projectupcoming session: dec 18commitment6 weeks of project work; week 1-3: 3-5 hours / week; week 4-6: 4 - 8 hours / weeksubtitlesenglishabout the capstone projectthe final research project consists of a research study that you will perform in collaboration with fellow learners.

Long does it take to complete the research methods and statistics in social science specialization?

On this page  leave this you'll find a set of statistics calculators that are intuitive and easy to use.

Included are a variety of tests of significance, plus correlation, effect size and confidence interval you're not sure what statistics calculator you require, check out -way anova calculator for independent -way anova calculator for repeated -square calculator for 2 x 2 contingency -square calculator for 5 x 5 (or less) -square calculator for goodness of exact test calculator for 2 x 2 contingency l-wallis test calculator for independent measures.

Statistics is the use of statistical measurement systems to study human behavior in a social environment. This can be accomplished through polling a group of people, evaluating a subset of data obtained about a group of people, or by observation and statistical analysis of a set of data that relates to people and their scientists use social statistics for many purposes, including:The evaluation of the quality of services available to a group or organization,Analyzing behaviors of groups of people in their environment and special situations,Determining the wants of people through statistical sampling.


1 statistical methods in social tics and statistical analyses have become a key feature of social science.

There is a debate regarding the uses and value of statistical methods in social science, especially in political science, with some statisticians[who?

Indeed, an important axiom that social scientists cite, but often forget, is that "correlation does not imply causation.

Use of statistics has become so widespread in the social sciences that many universities such as harvard, have developed institutes focusing on "quantitative social science.

Harvard's institute for quantitative social science focuses mainly on fields like political science that incorporate the advanced causal statistical models that bayesian methods provide.


Techniques and concepts used in quantitative social sciences include:Structural equation modeling and factor k, h.

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Salkind, neil j (2002), handbook of research design and social measurement, california: sage, isbn 0-7619-2046-3, retrieved 10 july 2010 cs1 maint: multiple names: authors list (link).

More aboutsocial statisticsat wikipedia's sister for statistics and social sciences, university of for the promotion of research involving innovative statistical methodology, new york university, for research methods, faculty of social sciences, university of helsinki, l institute for social and economic d institute for quantitative social -university consortium for political and social institute for research in social sciences, university of north carolina, chapel science statistics center, university of missouri, columbia (see also statistics division, school of social sciences, university of southampton, statistics research group, university of auckland, new -university consortium for political and social statistics division- demographic and social sation for economic co-operation and development (oecd).

Labour organisation- research association- statistics for labor and worklife program- labor stats at harvard law d alternative (jonckheere–terpstra).

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