supply chain management dissertation

Supply chain management dissertation

Master in managementmba in international managementexecutive mbaphd - doctoral s (full-time)executive masters (part-time)executive education (open and custom)summer course europe offers a broad range of general and specialised programmes in various subjects with a cross-cultural approach to in international managementexecutive mbaexecutive mastersexecutive officer programmesopen europe's executive education combines top-notch knowledge with a hands-on approach across our 6 campuses and ate relationsfind your future managerscorporate partnershipscorporate ate relations provide companies with a unique gateway into the school and its highly dynamic and very culturally diverse student europe's strong network of 49,000 alumni in over 150 countries worldwide represents more than 200 europe > programmes > doctoral programmes > paris ph.

Programme > choose a dissertation topic > supply chain ebachelor in managementmaster in managementmba in international managementexecutive mbamasters (full-time)executive masters (part-time)summer course sessionsexecutive education (open and custom)doctoral programmesparis ph. Alumnihow to applyfinancingfaqresearch masters partnershipsberlin doctoral e & mediaeconomics, accounting and lawfinancemarketingmanagement controlorganization studiesmanagement: leadership, psychology, ethics, philosophysupply chain managementstrategy & ch supervisors in supply chain . Aurélien acquierpartnership: european-union h2020 research project r2π transition from linear 2 circular: policy and innovationmore nable supply chain managementthe main objective of supply chain management (scm) has traditionally focused on the economic goals of supply chains, which is to minimize total supply chain costs while at the same time satisfying customer demand.

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The pressure from various stakeholders, including consumers, governments, non-governmental organizations (ngos), public authorities and trade unions have urged companies to design or redesign more sustainable supply chains. How do organizations interact and cooperate with such a wide array of stakeholders to conceive sustainable supply chains (inter-organizational perspective)?

How do they adapt sustainable supply chain decisions to the various institutional and economic contexts in which they operate (institutional perspective)?

How do different stakeholders make sense of sustainable principles and decisions across a global and fragmented supply chain?

These are some of the possible research questions that a phd candidate may tackle within the sustainable supply chain management field.

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And supply chain managementwhile supply chain management is now widely recognized as a strategic issue for companies (fisher 1997, simschi-levi 2011), little research in supply chain management tackles strategic issues or deals with strategic concepts. Valentina carbone)possible topic: m&a and supply chain managementwhile most m&as involve redesigning supply chain networks, few scholars have studied the impact of m&as on supply chains nor the role of supply chain management and logistics in m&a operations (decision, set-up,…).

Several research questions bridging the gap between m&a and supply chain literature worth interest including: can supply chain / logistic issues be an antecedent of m&a, a key motive in target selection?

To what extent accounting for supply chain issues upfront increases the success of m&as?

Topic: strategic alliances and supply chain managementwhile cooperation is inherent to supply chain management concept and practice, little work uses strategic alliances literature and theoretical background to study supply chain alliances.

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Masters (part-time)summer course sessionsexecutive education (open and custom)doctoral programmes open programmesexecutive mbaexecutive ic departmentsfaculty search engineexpertise@escp and institutescentres and laboratorieseuropean management associationhall of fameescp europe & newslettermedia & press room social media & mobile appsevents & sity of warwickpublications service & publications service by chain management : perceptions of requirements and performance in european automotive aftermarket supply chain management : perceptions of requirements and performance in european automotive aftermarket supply chains.

Requires a pdf viewer such as gsview, xpdf or adobe acrobat al url: http:///record=b1416367~ dissertation is about supply chain authors have used the term to describe astrategic, inter-organisation issue, others authors todiscuss an alternative organisational form to verticalintegration.

Much of the operations managementliterature uses the phrase to describe the planning andcontrol of materials flow internally within a companyor externally between work develops a definition of supply chainmanagement.

The empirical research tests hypothesesrelating to gaps in customers' and suppliers'perceptions of requirements and performance in supplychains, against a set of performance hypotheses are tested in four automotiveaftermarket supply chains, two of which are in spainand two in the uk.

All four chains have similarstructures and include a manufacturer, an areadistributor, a local distributor and ten installers, ative and quantitative analysis show significant:differences between different types of gaps inperceptions; suppliers in the chains do not recognisethe 'degree of customer dissatisfaction in existence.

Apositive correlation is shown to exist between theamount of misperception in the chains about performanceand the amount of customer dissatisfaction.

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It is alsoshown this customers are more dissatisfied with someperformance dimensions than these supply chains, customer dissatisfaction andmisperception of performance both significantlyincrease upstream i. Work develops the concept of supply chainmanagement into a broader, holistic concept of interorganisationoperations management.

It contributes tooperations management by (i) developing the concept ofsupply chain management (ii) improving knowledge aboutrelationships in supply chains (iii) identifying thesignificant role of performance (iv) improvingknowledge about the implication of position in a supplychain (v) integrating related literatures, notablyservice management, purchasing, industrial dynamics andlogistics.

Tell us in our 10 minute ics researchdecember 2016, 9:5 | cite asdoctoral dissertations in logistics and supply chain management: a review of nordic contributions from 2009 to 2014authorsauthors and affiliationschristopher rajkumarlone kavinxue luojan stentoftemail authorchristopher rajkumar1lone kavin1xue luo1jan stentoft1email ment of entrepreneurship and relationship managementuniversity of southern denmarkkoldingdenmarkopen accessoriginal paperfirst online: 14 march 2016received: 02 november 2015accepted: 17 february ctthe purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze nordic doctoral dissertations in logistics and supply chain management (scm) published from the years 2009–2014.

Compared with previous studies, this paper identifies a trend toward: more dissertations based on a collection of articles than monographs; more dissertations focusing on inter-organizational scm issues; a shift from a focal company perspective to functional aspects and supply chain-related research; and finally, a continued decreased focus on the philosophy of science.

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A score for measuring the significance of article-based dissertations is also dsdoctoral dissertations collection of articles monographs dissertation score logistics and supply chain management  download.

Introductionone way to keep track of the progress of logistics and supply chain management (scm) discipline is to analyze the doctoral dissertations within the research area.

By reviewing such dissertations, it will be possible to gain some interesting information regarding the development and direction of research within the discipline.

Based on the rise in the number of dissertations as well as their varying content, it is interesting to investigate the requirements that are part of completing a phd dissertation.

There has been an escalation in dissertations that are based on collections of articles instead of a monograph [41].

Therefore, by choosing an article-based dissertation, phd students might have a better opportunity to work together with other phd students and senior researchers; in doing so, they also learn how to “play the game.

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