why college athletes should not be paid essay

Why college athletes should not be paid essay

The best argument against paying players is that it diminishes the value of an education" (qtd.

Student athletes should not be paid at state university, because it focuses on an extracurricular activity as a means of profit, praises athletic ability over merit/ scholastics, promotes a bridge between players and regular students, and creates hierarchy between t athletes should not be paid more than any other student at state university, because it implies that the focus of this university is that an extracurricular activity as a means of profit.

Intercollegiate athletics ipating in a sport is in itself a goal that should be pursued and driven by the force of passion and the hope of professional continuance.

As critics say whatever is bringing in large sums of cash into the university should be paid accordingly.

Non-student athletes should fit into this category, because, although minimal, they do indeed bring in revenue.

Money is indeed the major basis of evil, but what further disassociates a student is when academic capabilities are overshadowed by sating scholar athletes at state university, praises athletic abilities over merit and scholastics.

If students are being paid at an equal level to their special talents such as athletics, then state university school focus on opportunities for students to perform at their highest potential.

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For example, students who are mainly focused on academics are given possible internship advantages for a real hands on education the same should be done with student athletes. Furthermore, instead of wage incentives, students should be given the opportunity to work with highly qualified coaches that could help them eventually reach….

Funds distributed to the effected athletes were used to buy new wardrobes, replace personal items one football player even got a new a championship after his ring was lost in the members of the ncaa and the rest of the college-sports community are all aware that there are some players who bring more money to their institutions in profits than what the values of the athletes's scholarships are worth.

While the prospect of receiving a free college education is something few would complain about, when the issue is more closely examined it becomes evident that it is not enough. Might not be a bad e athletes are some of the hardest working individuals around.

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The regular season is over, the athlete has three weeks until preparation for the next season begins.

A full ride scholarship on average is worth about ,000, which isn’t even close to the 11 billion dollars college football and basketball….

That these athletes still have to pay for somethings just like any other student, some of them out of college if they go pro, they will automatically make 5 figures guaranteed with no questions asked.

They would be able to pay off their loans and their debt that they had acquired through the years of going to people believe that the college athletes already have more advantages over the other students, and that should be enough, because their coaches make sure that they pass….

College athletes shouldn't be paid

While many believe that student athletes are entitled to income, it remains undougtibly a concern of moral interest to universities across the country.

This paper is going to explain the pros and cons that come with allowing student athletes the right to receive a college athletes be paid?

Believe college student-athletes should be able to make money and receive benefits because any normal college student can make money in any way possible and receive benefits from anyone who is willing to give it to s s.

Is one of the main reasons why collegiate athletes still don’t get paid to this day. College was made as a way to continue your schooling to receive a higher education. College wasn’t made for athletes, that’s why when one says they’re a “student-athlete,” the student part comes first, simply because being a student is more important than the sport itself.

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If a college athlete was to be paid, there’s no doubt in my mind that the importance….

To (daugherty 2012), paying student athletes presents the possibility of diminishing the importance of a college education; it maximizes the emphasis on the athlete as opposed to a student.

Which would be a valid argument “if you didn’t look around and see jerseys with their names on them being sold in the bookstores.

A student athlete it would be way easier to go to a school that would give you more money, so more recruits would go to bigger conferences thus widening the gap between big conferences and small with all this said don’t you think these athletes grades would drop lower?

Think about it if we pay these athletes they won’t care as much about school thus focus more on football or basketball.

This can be bad because since these players would be getting paid regardless why go to class….

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Intercollegiate athletics is becoming the central focus of colleges and universities, the strife and the substantial sum of money are the most important factors of most university administration’s interest.

The normal college student is struggling to make ends meet just for attending college, so why should student athletes be exempt from that? College athletes should indeed have their scholarships cover what their talents not only athletically but also academically depict. Unfortunately, the disapproval resides when students who are making leaps academically are not being offered monetary congratulations in comparison to student athletes.

If the hefty amount of revenue that colleges as a conglomerate are making is the main argument for why athletes should be paid, then what is to stop the national clearinghouse from devising unjust standards?

Eventually if these payments are to continue, coaches, organizations, and the ncaa clearinghouse will begin to feel that “c...

Don't call me a student-athlete”: the effect of identity priming on stereotype threat for academically engaged african american college athletes.

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